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One of my past time is to edit my old and new photos online. I sometimes do it with my pre-installed photoshop, paint or my photo editor that I got online. But most photo editor that I love needs installation and some would really require you to purchase the tool after the trial period which I really don't prefer. Unless, it is really good stuff to buy.

I have found a cool site that allows you to edit your photos for free and that is online. Yes, when I say online you don't need to install anything right on your computer. You do all the job on the site. Like photobucket and other forms of online photo services it also let you save your created or edited photos on your desired location, either on your computer, social sites such as facebook or myspace and a lot more.

My favorite so far is LunaPic Online Photo Editor, because they offer wide options for editing your pictures or images plus they have some cool features that a free site don't usually offer. I learn this site from Paisley Cat who creates elegant headers and blogger backgrounds for website and blogs.

What I like about LunaPic is their forum site and help/tutorial tabs where you can get valuable tips and tricks to edit photos and make awesome images.

You can also make blinkies, banners and headers dedicated to your site. You can edit your photo backgrounds, edit some blemishes on your old photos and restore it to a newer and fresher look.

I recently customized my blog badge and had it edited online. So heres what I did;

First, I uploaded a photo/image from my computer by clicking "choose file" then upload.

My image is too wide and I needed 125x125 size to make it as my "badge".

From the tool I chose rectangle and "resize" it to my desired size

After I have my desired size I created some text and effects to make it more presentable.

I find it really easy and anyone can try it out.

I recently tried changing my eye color on my black and white photo and it really looked amazing. There are so  many tools to try out.

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