Addicted to Mylot

If there is one site that I want to spend my precious time on except facebook it would be MYLOT.   

If you haven't heard about it yet ~  Mylot is one of the best social network site there is. It is because, you are being paid with the activity you made on the site.  It is one of the best forum site on the net with over 200,000 members.  I happen to learn about it few months ago and until now I'm still enjoying the site.  

Well, mainly because I love to join on discussions and topics. It made my day fun and it kills boredom. You are being paid from posting responses to different discussions, being paid with the topic you've created, searching the net using mylot search tab and so much more.

I made some information and payment proof about this site on my other blog, I also posted tips how to have a wonderful time with the site.

Calling all internet fans!
Join me on myLot! Discuss internet and make a little money while you're at it.

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