Beautiful Backgrounds, Headers and Labels for Blogs

Okay, I became a bit crazy searching for free and elegant backgrounds, labels and other tools that I can use on my new blog. Luckily, I came across with wonderful sites that has beautiful stuff to offer and the best thing about it, it's free.

Well honestly, not all free stuff are "fine". I mean, there are bunch that doesn't really captivate my attention while other's seems to offer less.

I've stumbled to few sites that are really fantastic such as the one that I've mentioned few days ago ~

Today, I'm so happy to learn about another awesome site that offers "free" website/blog backgrounds, headers, labels and a lot more. PaisleyCat Blog Design will "dress up" your blog to a more sophisticated look more than you can think of. I just love to try-out all her creations. Her concept or theme is more on the classic vintage style which I totally adore. She made her site well-informed with her easy to follow instructions.

Putting some "bling" on your blog will be so much easy.

One of my favorites from her are the chair designs, follow buttons or tags, Victorian theme and this one; 

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She also make customize design and I've seen the price list and I think it is very affordable, you may check her site for further details.

If you want to get to know her style more and see her freebies and stuff to offer, please do visit PaisleyCat Blog Design.

PaisleyCat Blog Design

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