Staring at the outside world

Okay, I have spent a whole day of work because of bulk transactions that we had a couple of days ago.  Yes, roughly 16 or 18 hours of work.  

Staring outside the window from our office building makes me hallucinate a bit.  I honestly wanted to jump on the pool that I saw on the front building and crawl my way out of the office.

Haven't you been in a situation where you are a bit exhausted because of excessive work? Oh  I do, but I'm grateful for having this kind profession and all.  Better have this job next to nothing. LOL.

Anyways, while staring outside my building floor (I'm on 21'st floor) I realized how beautiful my outside world is.  Yes, outside world! When you felt that you are carrying some burden and then when you look futher and see how beautiful your surroundings are, you can actually sense that there is always hope in every  struggles we have in life.

Better to see the beauty around me.

New Start

Finally, I'm able to put up another blog where I could share my daily thoughts and views on just about anything.  I've been joggling my time doing offline work and online activities which I truly enjoy.  It is freaking crazy sometimes that I wanted to do a lot of things all at the same time.

Anyways, in creating blogs such as here in blogger, have you been searching for a great template that you can truly appreciate? I mean, themes that you can go ga-ga with and get crazy about? Well, I find a number of sites and blogs that offers free themes and blog backgrounds but they often leave a huge advertisement or button on my page. I know, it is free but all I wanted is some crazy-cool-clean blog that tells more about me and nothing else. 

Good thing I've found a great template maker who don't put a lot of footers on her creations or what not.  A simple one line tag of her site and that's it.  She can make great designs and very sophisticated images that I truly like.

If you haven't seen her page yet you may check her out at

Hope to see more classy stuff from her and hopefully I could find more artist like her.

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