I Wish My Wish Will Come Into Reality

"Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough, You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it." ~ James M. Barrie

Believers would say, anything is possible and there is no such thing as limits. I certainly believe that we are capable of achieving all the things we want in life, if we can only perceiver and work harder ~ we can absolutely reach our dreams and ambitions. But things can't be perfect all the time and that we can be defeated by our own fear, capacity and fate.

As a child I am fond of wishing all the best things in life. Even though I am old enough  for wishing tremendous stuff that are impossible to attain still, I keep my faith intact and hoping it will happen someday. Wishes might not come into reality but still, wishing gives me hope and dreaming enlighten my soul believing there will always be a wonderful tomorrow.

My grandest wish is mainly about our country's total growth and development. Hoping for one day Philippines will not be a 3rd world country anymore and that we will rise from poverty and corruption. Seeing there will be nomads in the streets of Manila and hungry child on every sidewalks are the most wonderful thing that I could ever imagine. I truly believe that we need the best national and local officials to achieve this goal and I wish for us to have a great leader to rule our country and lead us to a better nation.

close-up of the flag of Philippines

As for my personal wish, I am praying that I could finalize our house reconstruction and hope it will be finished this year or before March of next year. Our house got flooded last year and most of our belongings particularly on the first floor sank and traces of Ondoy (typhoon) still remain on our humble abode. We practically renovate our house and bought some appliances but still, parts of our house such as our kitchen floor tile needs to be reconstructed. But I am happy that it doesn't look awful as it was before on that devastating day. 

I also wish that I can continuously support my family in anytime of day. Having stable finances is not an easy task and I am praying that more blessings will come our way.

Okay, I got so excited with this "wishing" thing that I wanted to achieve things that I know is attainable and possible to happen in the future. With that, I want to wish little things that will definitely make me so happy as well.

There are things in life that I wish I have or do but due to my offline work and other priorities in life I left it all behind me. I love to draw but I recently got hooked with online sketching and paint. I wish I could take up a coarse that will enhance my artistic side on this category. LOL! Although I admit it is hard to draw using my computer mouse, I know one day I will have the tool and resources to cultivate this hobby of mine. Below is my 5-minute drawing via Paint particularly made for my wish entry.

When I was 9 I told my mom that I wanna be a designer, because she used to be a sewer and seeing different catalogs of clothes gave me an idea to become a stylist or designer someday. It is funny to think that I still wish to become one and that is why I love making collages online and it became a hobby of mine. I wish I could design my own clothing line in the future or anything that is related to fashion or clothes. Below is my polyvore collage.
Pretty N' Chiq
                       Pretty N' Chiq by carmiekane featuring Juicy Couture jewelry

Rockin Chick

                   Rockin Chick by carmiekane featuring Anya Hindmarch bags

I may sound silly but I wish to become a professional blogger. haha! yeah! I mean, I started blogging a couple of months ago and I still consider myself as a wanna be blogger and needs to learn a lot of things both in professional writing and blogging. I have found great Filipino writers and bloggers on the net wishing I could learn tips from them. Author behind Macuha (guerrilla blogging) , Yugatech and Bloggingfromhome/DigitalFilipino (Janet Torral) are the people I admire the most. 

Wishing is so addicting! I have a handful of wish that I want to include but more than anything for myself I want to wish more for people who needed great help in every aspect of life.I honestly hate dramas and all but, as a human being and as a Filipino I can't wish anything more than for our country's progress. I wish there will be no poor people (severely poor not to have a decent meal a day), I wish our public hospital will provide more service to the poor, it is hard to see people not getting proper medical attention because of not having enough money. I wish there will be no war in Mindanao and I wish there is still hope.

The Philippines Prepares Ahead Of Tomorrow's General Election

I wish...... my wish will come into reality.

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