I Can't Have Sodas Anymore

I remember last January of this year I promised myself to lose some weight and start a healthy lifestyle. Time passed by so quickly and I am slowly losing my goal instead, I am gaining more weight which is ridiculously insane. 

I am addicted to sodas, colas, pop, soft drinks ~ whatever you call it. There is something about CO2, caffeine and sugar that keeps me loving sodas which is totally crazy and obviously bad for my health.  More worse, I have tried replacing it with diet sodas (from regular) which in not the best idea in the first place. I craved more  and I somehow choose it instead of plain water.

Aside from the fact that I am gaining weight from it, I am in a way spending my money to things that will not do anything good to improve my health. After reading Ten Reasons to Quit Soda Pop I have finally come to realized how important it is to know the consequences of consuming sodas, that will later on can cause unwanted health issues.

I was desiring to improve my weight and all, but I guess behind achieving a sexy figure, a healthy body is far more important than anything else. So I guess I can't have sodas anymore.

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