Copyright Issues: Protect Your Site

It has been a habit of mine to religiously check my blog if there has been some issues of copyright or plagiarism. I had been into a situation where my original post regarding American Idol season 9 was copied word per word to another site. I have been a fan of AI for along time and it has been one of my favorite topic on my personal blog. As soon as I had found out that my article was copied, I got mad and irritated by the whole situation. I planned to write that ridiculous blog a letter regarding the matter but due to some circumstances at work I've decided to do it the next day. 

Then, I searched it again and saw that it wasn't on his blog anymore and when I checked it on Copyscape, although it showed the link where my particular post was copied it stated that the page seems to have recently removed my content. I was relieved with the thought that my work was in a way returned to its original owner (me) but still, the intention was completely wrong and unethical.

Another issue that I have today had something to do with originality and in a way, getting your resources and someone smart is re-writing it. I know for a fact that it is impossible to have extra-unique post that doesn't resemble any other's blog or site. But the thing was, on main site I have this tool where I could track visitors whom a member of the blog sponsorship that I am with. In short, I could visit that particular blogger who visited my site. I am not being so observant or anything but, I was just blown away with his current post which was exactly the same topic that I have on my main blog. I mean, he basically get some of my words and post it instantly on his blog. On that matter, I can certainly let it go since it is just a petty thing but I don't know what else to expect on days to come.

I think everyone has the right to protect their own work and with that, I make sure to check my site on a daily basis. It has nothing to do on how good you are as a blogger or what not. I don't even consider myself as an ultimate blogger since I have other things to fulfill which is basically more of an offline task but, I stand with the idea of claiming what you know is yours, protecting your content or work especially here online is highly advised.  

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