I'm Loving the New Blogger Template Designer

Oh my  gosh! I can't help but to get crazy with the Blogger Template Designer.  Have you seen it? For sure you all have seen it! They've launched it last March and until now I can't get over it.  I mean, I got hooked creating my layout choice, template designs, backgrounds and a lot more.  It is a whole new transition from blogger for now we can simply edit our blog designs. Never did I imagine that such awesome things like this will ever be created on a free blog site.  I just love the graphics and photos from iStockphoto. And the fact that we can easily change our layout in just few clicks amazes me so much.

My favorite feature of this tool is the new tab designs for the specific template, you've go to see it for yourself.

Since most of the templates are relatively new I experienced getting some errors on my page and that is because it is not yet supported by Internet Explorer 6 and older versions of some browsers.  I just hope they will be able to fix it very soon so that we can fully enjoy this amazing template from blogger.

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  1. My post is up for the BC Bloggers' Party Warning: it's about me, me, and me. Read at your own risk!hihi

    Now it's your turn. We'll be waiting for your post! :)


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