Shopping day is my kind of day

I just got home from my favorite hobby of all... "shopping!".  Well, I was told a week ago that we are having a 2-day seminar at work and it required all of us to wear our office uniforms and all.  So, I decided to pump-up my look a bit and change my usual look on this day. 

I'm the type whose not entice with expensive pieces, I should say.  I love pretty things but it must be inexpensive and can last a longer period of time.

I purchased my leather bag less than a thousand pesos which is approximately $12 and same with my man-made snake leather shoes that cost roughly around $15. Using my 10% discount stab everything went so well.

I feel happy because I got new pair of shoes and a cute bag.  It definitely made my day complete.

Shopping day is my favorite day.

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