Crazy over Edward

After watching the second installment of Twilight (New Moon) I had been dreaming of Edward almost every night. Yeah, I mean it! I've never been this intrigued in a film until I saw New Moon on the cinema.  I know there are lots of fans whose been rabbling about the film's ending so, I decided to read the book.  I had a friend whose been  a huge fan of the story and she was so kind enough to lend all four books of Stephenie Meyer.

I'm now on the pages of the third book which is the "Eclipse", I happen to visualize and imagine every setting and phases of the story in my mind which made me so mesmerized and thrilled about the whole story.

Have you got hooked on any book lately?

Well, I had this book that I truly love and still enjoy reading once in awhile.  Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite author.  I just love to read themes such as Confessions of a Shopaholic. But unique and romatic stories such as Twilight is truly captivating and words aren't enough to describe how good it is.

Hopefully, the third installment will be shown this year and I'm looking forward for it.

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