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One of my past time is to edit my old and new photos online. I sometimes do it with my pre-installed photoshop, paint or my photo editor that I got online. But most photo editor that I love needs installation and some would really require you to purchase the tool after the trial period which I really don't prefer. Unless, it is really good stuff to buy.

I have found a cool site that allows you to edit your photos for free and that is online. Yes, when I say online you don't need to install anything right on your computer. You do all the job on the site. Like photobucket and other forms of online photo services it also let you save your created or edited photos on your desired location, either on your computer, social sites such as facebook or myspace and a lot more.

My favorite so far is LunaPic Online Photo Editor, because they offer wide options for editing your pictures or images plus they have some cool features that a free site don't usually offer. I learn this site from Paisley Cat who creates elegant headers and blogger backgrounds for website and blogs.

What I like about LunaPic is their forum site and help/tutorial tabs where you can get valuable tips and tricks to edit photos and make awesome images.

You can also make blinkies, banners and headers dedicated to your site. You can edit your photo backgrounds, edit some blemishes on your old photos and restore it to a newer and fresher look.

I recently customized my blog badge and had it edited online. So heres what I did;

First, I uploaded a photo/image from my computer by clicking "choose file" then upload.

My image is too wide and I needed 125x125 size to make it as my "badge".

From the tool I chose rectangle and "resize" it to my desired size

After I have my desired size I created some text and effects to make it more presentable.

I find it really easy and anyone can try it out.

I recently tried changing my eye color on my black and white photo and it really looked amazing. There are so  many tools to try out.

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Design Your Own Shoes

I've been "googling" the whole night looking for customize stuff on the net and I'm so thrilled to learn about this great site where you can design your own shoes. Yes! you can definitely customize shoes that you like. Shoes of Prey is a unique site where it uses a one of-a-kind online technology that allows women to choose the style of shoes she wants.

I'm a girly-girl and designing things for myself is one of my favorite things to do. To be able to create something that I really adore is a huge thing for me.

I'm so excited about this site for it helped me to created a specific shoe design of my choice. I had so much fun last night. Creating different style, colors and patterns are just so much fun to do.

Here are some of the basics that I did;

I've made various styles and designs. I just enjoyed matching different patterns and colors.

You can also browse the gallery section where you can see the real image of the shoes they offer. 

Shoes cost between $180 for ballet flats, up to $280 for a 4½ inch heel. Shipping is $25 per order. (Prices on this page are in US dollars.)

You may visit their site and start creating your own customize shoes.

Have a nice day!

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I find this site through Mylikes, Topdeck is a great site from where you can find your dream travel destination's information such as airfare, hotel fees, clubs and more. They also feature specific location or destination where you can have some good deals and compete for price quotations.

So, if you are planning for a nice get-away you may check this site and see what's in store for you.

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Addicted to Mylot

If there is one site that I want to spend my precious time on except facebook it would be MYLOT.   

If you haven't heard about it yet ~  Mylot is one of the best social network site there is. It is because, you are being paid with the activity you made on the site.  It is one of the best forum site on the net with over 200,000 members.  I happen to learn about it few months ago and until now I'm still enjoying the site.  

Well, mainly because I love to join on discussions and topics. It made my day fun and it kills boredom. You are being paid from posting responses to different discussions, being paid with the topic you've created, searching the net using mylot search tab and so much more.

I made some information and payment proof about this site on my other blog, I also posted tips how to have a wonderful time with the site.

Calling all internet fans!
Join me on myLot! Discuss internet and make a little money while you're at it.

Beautiful Backgrounds, Headers and Labels for Blogs

Okay, I became a bit crazy searching for free and elegant backgrounds, labels and other tools that I can use on my new blog. Luckily, I came across with wonderful sites that has beautiful stuff to offer and the best thing about it, it's free.

Well honestly, not all free stuff are "fine". I mean, there are bunch that doesn't really captivate my attention while other's seems to offer less.

I've stumbled to few sites that are really fantastic such as the one that I've mentioned few days ago ~

Today, I'm so happy to learn about another awesome site that offers "free" website/blog backgrounds, headers, labels and a lot more. PaisleyCat Blog Design will "dress up" your blog to a more sophisticated look more than you can think of. I just love to try-out all her creations. Her concept or theme is more on the classic vintage style which I totally adore. She made her site well-informed with her easy to follow instructions.

Putting some "bling" on your blog will be so much easy.

One of my favorites from her are the chair designs, follow buttons or tags, Victorian theme and this one; 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She also make customize design and I've seen the price list and I think it is very affordable, you may check her site for further details.

If you want to get to know her style more and see her freebies and stuff to offer, please do visit PaisleyCat Blog Design.

PaisleyCat Blog Design

Shopping day is my kind of day

I just got home from my favorite hobby of all... "shopping!".  Well, I was told a week ago that we are having a 2-day seminar at work and it required all of us to wear our office uniforms and all.  So, I decided to pump-up my look a bit and change my usual look on this day. 

I'm the type whose not entice with expensive pieces, I should say.  I love pretty things but it must be inexpensive and can last a longer period of time.

I purchased my leather bag less than a thousand pesos which is approximately $12 and same with my man-made snake leather shoes that cost roughly around $15. Using my 10% discount stab everything went so well.

I feel happy because I got new pair of shoes and a cute bag.  It definitely made my day complete.

Shopping day is my favorite day.

Crazy over Edward

After watching the second installment of Twilight (New Moon) I had been dreaming of Edward almost every night. Yeah, I mean it! I've never been this intrigued in a film until I saw New Moon on the cinema.  I know there are lots of fans whose been rabbling about the film's ending so, I decided to read the book.  I had a friend whose been  a huge fan of the story and she was so kind enough to lend all four books of Stephenie Meyer.

I'm now on the pages of the third book which is the "Eclipse", I happen to visualize and imagine every setting and phases of the story in my mind which made me so mesmerized and thrilled about the whole story.

Have you got hooked on any book lately?

Well, I had this book that I truly love and still enjoy reading once in awhile.  Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite author.  I just love to read themes such as Confessions of a Shopaholic. But unique and romatic stories such as Twilight is truly captivating and words aren't enough to describe how good it is.

Hopefully, the third installment will be shown this year and I'm looking forward for it.

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Staring at the outside world

Okay, I have spent a whole day of work because of bulk transactions that we had a couple of days ago.  Yes, roughly 16 or 18 hours of work.  

Staring outside the window from our office building makes me hallucinate a bit.  I honestly wanted to jump on the pool that I saw on the front building and crawl my way out of the office.

Haven't you been in a situation where you are a bit exhausted because of excessive work? Oh  I do, but I'm grateful for having this kind profession and all.  Better have this job next to nothing. LOL.

Anyways, while staring outside my building floor (I'm on 21'st floor) I realized how beautiful my outside world is.  Yes, outside world! When you felt that you are carrying some burden and then when you look futher and see how beautiful your surroundings are, you can actually sense that there is always hope in every  struggles we have in life.

Better to see the beauty around me.

New Start

Finally, I'm able to put up another blog where I could share my daily thoughts and views on just about anything.  I've been joggling my time doing offline work and online activities which I truly enjoy.  It is freaking crazy sometimes that I wanted to do a lot of things all at the same time.

Anyways, in creating blogs such as here in blogger, have you been searching for a great template that you can truly appreciate? I mean, themes that you can go ga-ga with and get crazy about? Well, I find a number of sites and blogs that offers free themes and blog backgrounds but they often leave a huge advertisement or button on my page. I know, it is free but all I wanted is some crazy-cool-clean blog that tells more about me and nothing else. 

Good thing I've found a great template maker who don't put a lot of footers on her creations or what not.  A simple one line tag of her site and that's it.  She can make great designs and very sophisticated images that I truly like.

If you haven't seen her page yet you may check her out at

Hope to see more classy stuff from her and hopefully I could find more artist like her.

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