A Special Thanks to Filipinoblogger.com

A couple of days ago I was ecstatic to see my blog post accidentally on FilipinoBloggers.com. I am happy that they have acknowledged my recent post and include it on their list. I find it pretty cool that they recognize posts that are relevant to their theme and I am happy to see my blog with other Filipino bloggers as well. I am unsure how my site got included since I did not make any entry, neither submit any of my previous post to them nor have registered to that site. But I certainly find it cool and I am so happy to see my blog on their site.

Filipino Bloggers by the way is a site where you can submit The Best Blog Posts.

Thanks again FilipinoBlogger! 

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I Wish My Wish Will Come Into Reality

"Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough, You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it." ~ James M. Barrie

Believers would say, anything is possible and there is no such thing as limits. I certainly believe that we are capable of achieving all the things we want in life, if we can only perceiver and work harder ~ we can absolutely reach our dreams and ambitions. But things can't be perfect all the time and that we can be defeated by our own fear, capacity and fate.

As a child I am fond of wishing all the best things in life. Even though I am old enough  for wishing tremendous stuff that are impossible to attain still, I keep my faith intact and hoping it will happen someday. Wishes might not come into reality but still, wishing gives me hope and dreaming enlighten my soul believing there will always be a wonderful tomorrow.

My grandest wish is mainly about our country's total growth and development. Hoping for one day Philippines will not be a 3rd world country anymore and that we will rise from poverty and corruption. Seeing there will be nomads in the streets of Manila and hungry child on every sidewalks are the most wonderful thing that I could ever imagine. I truly believe that we need the best national and local officials to achieve this goal and I wish for us to have a great leader to rule our country and lead us to a better nation.

close-up of the flag of Philippines

As for my personal wish, I am praying that I could finalize our house reconstruction and hope it will be finished this year or before March of next year. Our house got flooded last year and most of our belongings particularly on the first floor sank and traces of Ondoy (typhoon) still remain on our humble abode. We practically renovate our house and bought some appliances but still, parts of our house such as our kitchen floor tile needs to be reconstructed. But I am happy that it doesn't look awful as it was before on that devastating day. 

I also wish that I can continuously support my family in anytime of day. Having stable finances is not an easy task and I am praying that more blessings will come our way.

Okay, I got so excited with this "wishing" thing that I wanted to achieve things that I know is attainable and possible to happen in the future. With that, I want to wish little things that will definitely make me so happy as well.

There are things in life that I wish I have or do but due to my offline work and other priorities in life I left it all behind me. I love to draw but I recently got hooked with online sketching and paint. I wish I could take up a coarse that will enhance my artistic side on this category. LOL! Although I admit it is hard to draw using my computer mouse, I know one day I will have the tool and resources to cultivate this hobby of mine. Below is my 5-minute drawing via Paint particularly made for my wish entry.

When I was 9 I told my mom that I wanna be a designer, because she used to be a sewer and seeing different catalogs of clothes gave me an idea to become a stylist or designer someday. It is funny to think that I still wish to become one and that is why I love making collages online and it became a hobby of mine. I wish I could design my own clothing line in the future or anything that is related to fashion or clothes. Below is my polyvore collage.
Pretty N' Chiq
                       Pretty N' Chiq by carmiekane featuring Juicy Couture jewelry

Rockin Chick

                   Rockin Chick by carmiekane featuring Anya Hindmarch bags

I may sound silly but I wish to become a professional blogger. haha! yeah! I mean, I started blogging a couple of months ago and I still consider myself as a wanna be blogger and needs to learn a lot of things both in professional writing and blogging. I have found great Filipino writers and bloggers on the net wishing I could learn tips from them. Author behind Macuha (guerrilla blogging) , Yugatech and Bloggingfromhome/DigitalFilipino (Janet Torral) are the people I admire the most. 

Wishing is so addicting! I have a handful of wish that I want to include but more than anything for myself I want to wish more for people who needed great help in every aspect of life.I honestly hate dramas and all but, as a human being and as a Filipino I can't wish anything more than for our country's progress. I wish there will be no poor people (severely poor not to have a decent meal a day), I wish our public hospital will provide more service to the poor, it is hard to see people not getting proper medical attention because of not having enough money. I wish there will be no war in Mindanao and I wish there is still hope.

The Philippines Prepares Ahead Of Tomorrow's General Election

I wish...... my wish will come into reality.

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I Can't Have Sodas Anymore

I remember last January of this year I promised myself to lose some weight and start a healthy lifestyle. Time passed by so quickly and I am slowly losing my goal instead, I am gaining more weight which is ridiculously insane. 

I am addicted to sodas, colas, pop, soft drinks ~ whatever you call it. There is something about CO2, caffeine and sugar that keeps me loving sodas which is totally crazy and obviously bad for my health.  More worse, I have tried replacing it with diet sodas (from regular) which in not the best idea in the first place. I craved more  and I somehow choose it instead of plain water.

Aside from the fact that I am gaining weight from it, I am in a way spending my money to things that will not do anything good to improve my health. After reading Ten Reasons to Quit Soda Pop I have finally come to realized how important it is to know the consequences of consuming sodas, that will later on can cause unwanted health issues.

I was desiring to improve my weight and all, but I guess behind achieving a sexy figure, a healthy body is far more important than anything else. So I guess I can't have sodas anymore.

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Happy Mother's Day Sis!

Today is 9th of May and I want to take this opportunity to greet all the mommies out there a "Happy Mother's Day".  I lost mom when I was 11 years old and since then my older sister took care of me and somehow take full responsibility of what my mom has left us. Shes 8 years older than me and she basically gave up almost everything for our family and of course, me. I love her so dearly and words are not enough but I hope in my little way I am able to express how important she is in my life and in our family.

Shes now a mother of my two year old beautiful niece and I am so happy to see her loving  her life now more than ever. 

Sis, you inspire me to be good in everything that I do and I am your number 1 fan. 

Happy Mother's Day Sis!  Love Yah! 

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Online Contest for Bloggers: Make A Wish Blog Contest

BlankPixel is having a fabulous contest online for bloggers like me. It is another great opportunity especially for those who love contest and freebies online. I find her theme unique and so interesting! I will definitely post my own entry and join in the fun with this newest contest online.

Make A Wish blog contest sponsors are as follows;

Join the Make a Wish Blog Contest over at Just Another Pixel.
Click here or on the banner above for the complete mechanics and prizes.

We would like to thank the following generous sponsors: Please take the time to visit them.

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Contest and Gaming craze
My Red Hot Reviews
Red is Marose

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Globe Internet Broadband: Globe Tattoo, Wimax, Basic Plans

I've been experiencing total internet speed dilemma this week and thinking of changing my current internet provider. Searching for a more reliable, affordable and high-speed internet service is not that easy. I have come across with several information about our local broadband internet services and analyzing what's suited me best both my internet usage and budget is not an easy task.

I'm currently using Globe Tattoo Broadband for almost two years now. I find the service good but due to some issues with regards to internet speed I am thinking of trying other top broadband service that our country is offering. Besides, I am using a prepaid service kit from Tattoo which is obviously not a good choice for an internet addict like me. Although prepaid service is in a way great for you can control your internet usage but, compare it to other monthly broadband plans such as unlimited surfing, prepaid is obviously not a smart choice.

Currently, Globe Broadband Tattoo Kit  for prepaid is Php 895 which comes with a usb modem and prepaid sim. The normal rate for 15 minutes of internet usage costs 10 pesos. But if you are smart, you should try to subscribe for unlimited surfing which only costs 50 pesos for 1-day unlimited internet or 220 pesos for 5-days. Registration is done thru text;

SuperSurf50 : Text SUPERSURF50 and send to 8888

SuperSurf220 : Text SUPERSURF220  and send to 8888

I'm wondering if  WiMAX Plan from this same internet company is really good and has more stable  connection for it promises high-speed wireless broadband for as low as Php 745 per month and that is unlimited usage.

On the other hand, Globe Telecom's Basic Internet Plans ranges from Php 795 to Php 995 depending on the speed is a good pick. Which for me is a great option for the type of speed you want to have and at the same time it is not too expensive compare for a minute basis charge. Basic plan rate and speed are as follows;

Monthly Fee:  Php 795        Speed:   512 kbps
                        Php 995                          1 mbps

I am still observing which is the best internet provider that suit my surfing needs and budget. I, myself really like Globe Tattoo but I am in search for the best one and I am hoping to find it soon.

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Copyright Issues: Protect Your Site

It has been a habit of mine to religiously check my blog if there has been some issues of copyright or plagiarism. I had been into a situation where my original post regarding American Idol season 9 was copied word per word to another site. I have been a fan of AI for along time and it has been one of my favorite topic on my personal blog. As soon as I had found out that my article was copied, I got mad and irritated by the whole situation. I planned to write that ridiculous blog a letter regarding the matter but due to some circumstances at work I've decided to do it the next day. 

Then, I searched it again and saw that it wasn't on his blog anymore and when I checked it on Copyscape, although it showed the link where my particular post was copied it stated that the page seems to have recently removed my content. I was relieved with the thought that my work was in a way returned to its original owner (me) but still, the intention was completely wrong and unethical.

Another issue that I have today had something to do with originality and in a way, getting your resources and someone smart is re-writing it. I know for a fact that it is impossible to have extra-unique post that doesn't resemble any other's blog or site. But the thing was, on main site I have this tool where I could track visitors whom a member of the blog sponsorship that I am with. In short, I could visit that particular blogger who visited my site. I am not being so observant or anything but, I was just blown away with his current post which was exactly the same topic that I have on my main blog. I mean, he basically get some of my words and post it instantly on his blog. On that matter, I can certainly let it go since it is just a petty thing but I don't know what else to expect on days to come.

I think everyone has the right to protect their own work and with that, I make sure to check my site on a daily basis. It has nothing to do on how good you are as a blogger or what not. I don't even consider myself as an ultimate blogger since I have other things to fulfill which is basically more of an offline task but, I stand with the idea of claiming what you know is yours, protecting your content or work especially here online is highly advised.  

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Playing Online Casino

It was just a year ago when my family and I went to Casino Filipino in Tagaytay City, Philippines. We all  enjoyed visiting the place and I wish we could do it again this year. I, personally enjoyed playing different online games be it a simple facebook application such as mafia wars or cafe world, psp games such as God of War or even online betting game which can be found anywhere on the net, you can definitely find me going gaga about it. But I have recently got intrigued  with online casino and want to try it out as well.

I have stumbled to different online casino game and evidently there are different site that offer this type of service. But it is best to learn first which ones are legit and honest. Knowing the best online casino is important as well as getting some valid information and honest opinion about it. It is better to be well-equipped with some online casino tips and advice from the expert.

I guess once I have gathered the best casino game to play, I might try my luck into it. I would love to try video poker and slots which are few of the games I played last year in Casino Filipino.

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MyDomain Brand .ME Contest - Sponsored Post

MyDomain Brand .ME Contest - www.mydomain.com
Awesome contest from MyDomain. Help decide who wins $1,000 Apple gift cards!

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I'm Loving the New Blogger Template Designer

Oh my  gosh! I can't help but to get crazy with the Blogger Template Designer.  Have you seen it? For sure you all have seen it! They've launched it last March and until now I can't get over it.  I mean, I got hooked creating my layout choice, template designs, backgrounds and a lot more.  It is a whole new transition from blogger for now we can simply edit our blog designs. Never did I imagine that such awesome things like this will ever be created on a free blog site.  I just love the graphics and photos from iStockphoto. And the fact that we can easily change our layout in just few clicks amazes me so much.

My favorite feature of this tool is the new tab designs for the specific template, you've go to see it for yourself.

Since most of the templates are relatively new I experienced getting some errors on my page and that is because it is not yet supported by Internet Explorer 6 and older versions of some browsers.  I just hope they will be able to fix it very soon so that we can fully enjoy this amazing template from blogger.

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New Home

Finally, I was able to setup a new blog where I could share anything and everything about fashion, music, tv shows, technology, some online opportunities and more.  It took me two weeks to finally decide to buy a new domain and have a new webhost.  Initially, I'm a bit hesitant to have my own domain name and a new host for I am only familiar with blogger and wordpress tools which is so easy to setup especially here in blogger. It is a new challenge for me and I am really happy for my new home.

I'll be updating you with my new site in coming days. :)

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Photo Editing: Free Online Photo Editor

One of my past time is to edit my old and new photos online. I sometimes do it with my pre-installed photoshop, paint or my photo editor that I got online. But most photo editor that I love needs installation and some would really require you to purchase the tool after the trial period which I really don't prefer. Unless, it is really good stuff to buy.

I have found a cool site that allows you to edit your photos for free and that is online. Yes, when I say online you don't need to install anything right on your computer. You do all the job on the site. Like photobucket and other forms of online photo services it also let you save your created or edited photos on your desired location, either on your computer, social sites such as facebook or myspace and a lot more.

My favorite so far is LunaPic Online Photo Editor, because they offer wide options for editing your pictures or images plus they have some cool features that a free site don't usually offer. I learn this site from Paisley Cat who creates elegant headers and blogger backgrounds for website and blogs.

What I like about LunaPic is their forum site and help/tutorial tabs where you can get valuable tips and tricks to edit photos and make awesome images.

You can also make blinkies, banners and headers dedicated to your site. You can edit your photo backgrounds, edit some blemishes on your old photos and restore it to a newer and fresher look.

I recently customized my blog badge and had it edited online. So heres what I did;

First, I uploaded a photo/image from my computer by clicking "choose file" then upload.

My image is too wide and I needed 125x125 size to make it as my "badge".

From the tool I chose rectangle and "resize" it to my desired size

After I have my desired size I created some text and effects to make it more presentable.

I find it really easy and anyone can try it out.

I recently tried changing my eye color on my black and white photo and it really looked amazing. There are so  many tools to try out.

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Farmville Secrets - www.farmville-tips-tricks.com
Want to know FARMVILLE secrets? Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Secrets to help players level up, amass coins, get friends and more? Gotta see this ;)

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Design Your Own Shoes

I've been "googling" the whole night looking for customize stuff on the net and I'm so thrilled to learn about this great site where you can design your own shoes. Yes! you can definitely customize shoes that you like. Shoes of Prey is a unique site where it uses a one of-a-kind online technology that allows women to choose the style of shoes she wants.

I'm a girly-girl and designing things for myself is one of my favorite things to do. To be able to create something that I really adore is a huge thing for me.

I'm so excited about this site for it helped me to created a specific shoe design of my choice. I had so much fun last night. Creating different style, colors and patterns are just so much fun to do.

Here are some of the basics that I did;

I've made various styles and designs. I just enjoyed matching different patterns and colors.

You can also browse the gallery section where you can see the real image of the shoes they offer. 

Shoes cost between $180 for ballet flats, up to $280 for a 4½ inch heel. Shipping is $25 per order. (Prices on this page are in US dollars.)

You may visit their site and start creating your own customize shoes.

Have a nice day!

Topdeck - Trips for 18 to 30 somethings - Sponsored Post

Known for providing unforgettable travel experiences. Topdeck gives your choice for great trips. Travel with Topdeck and Share the Experience. 

I find this site through Mylikes, Topdeck is a great site from where you can find your dream travel destination's information such as airfare, hotel fees, clubs and more. They also feature specific location or destination where you can have some good deals and compete for price quotations.

So, if you are planning for a nice get-away you may check this site and see what's in store for you.

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Addicted to Mylot

If there is one site that I want to spend my precious time on except facebook it would be MYLOT.   

If you haven't heard about it yet ~  Mylot is one of the best social network site there is. It is because, you are being paid with the activity you made on the site.  It is one of the best forum site on the net with over 200,000 members.  I happen to learn about it few months ago and until now I'm still enjoying the site.  

Well, mainly because I love to join on discussions and topics. It made my day fun and it kills boredom. You are being paid from posting responses to different discussions, being paid with the topic you've created, searching the net using mylot search tab and so much more.

I made some information and payment proof about this site on my other blog, I also posted tips how to have a wonderful time with the site.

Calling all internet fans!
Join me on myLot! Discuss internet and make a little money while you're at it.

Beautiful Backgrounds, Headers and Labels for Blogs

Okay, I became a bit crazy searching for free and elegant backgrounds, labels and other tools that I can use on my new blog. Luckily, I came across with wonderful sites that has beautiful stuff to offer and the best thing about it, it's free.

Well honestly, not all free stuff are "fine". I mean, there are bunch that doesn't really captivate my attention while other's seems to offer less.

I've stumbled to few sites that are really fantastic such as the one that I've mentioned few days ago ~ http://www.yummylolly.com/

Today, I'm so happy to learn about another awesome site that offers "free" website/blog backgrounds, headers, labels and a lot more. PaisleyCat Blog Design will "dress up" your blog to a more sophisticated look more than you can think of. I just love to try-out all her creations. Her concept or theme is more on the classic vintage style which I totally adore. She made her site well-informed with her easy to follow instructions.

Putting some "bling" on your blog will be so much easy.

One of my favorites from her are the chair designs, follow buttons or tags, Victorian theme and this one; 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She also make customize design and I've seen the price list and I think it is very affordable, you may check her site for further details.

If you want to get to know her style more and see her freebies and stuff to offer, please do visit PaisleyCat Blog Design.

PaisleyCat Blog Design

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